100% pure Bacon Fat

Bacon Fat brings original cooking back to life. Made from smoked and salted bacon. Discover the original and finest taste!

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percent animal fat

Only good fats!

How is Bacon Fat made?

1. Grow healthy pigs

To create the good fat’s you need to start at it’s foundation with healthy and happy pigs.

2. Cut the delicious belly off

When the pigs are old enough they go to the butcher and the delicious pork belly is cut off.
The Pork bellies are transported to us where we are about to produce the best products of these wonderful pieces of meat.

3. Give them some salt and smoke'em

One of the things to bring out the best of the pork bellies is to add some salt and let it rest for a view days.
After that we continue the process and smoke traditionally over real Beechwood for a couple of hours. This is when the fats are picking up the good smokey flavors.

4. Bake the bacon to get the good stuff out of it

By frying the bacon the fat comes of the bellies. These fats contains loads of tasty flavors and that is why we collect them.

5. Filter the fats and fill the jars up for the one who knows how to cook!

To make sure there are no pieces of bacon left in the fat we filter the product. After the filtering we fill up the jars and we sent them directly to you!